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Beginning Balance

Dec 24, 2021

Mark and Jesse discuss the value of forecasts, operational and financial models, and annual planning in general, as well as the pitfalls of putting too much faith into the numbers and not enough scrutiny into the assumptions.


Mark Butler CFO


You Need a Budget

Dec 17, 2021

Mark and Jesse ponder a question -- is there anyone who doesn't need a budget? What about a person in the upper, upper crust, that has hundreds of millions or even billions to their name? Or what about someone who simply has very few desires, that are easily covered by their existing cash flow? The discussion quickly...

Dec 10, 2021

Whether or not the successful admit it, luck plays a role in making things happen. Having the right at the right time, a chance meeting with the right person -- these factors could be called luck, and they matter in the world of business. But is that all there is to success? There's a saying that "luck is the residue of...

Dec 3, 2021

Mark and Jesse discuss some of their favorite books... and some of their not-so-favorite books. They both love to read books, especially about business, but they also admit a danger in the practice. It's easy to confuse reading books, or blogs, or listening to podcasts, as an act of creation, as if doing so is actually...

Nov 26, 2021

Business owners have a variety of reasons for starting and then continuing to operate their business. For many, it's to make money, or to make more money. Or, perhaps it's the security that comes with being your own boss. The desires that drive business owners can change and evolve, too. Some people endeavor to solve...