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Beginning Balance

Dec 30, 2022

There's a lot of doom and gloom in the media these days, more than usual, that is! Inflation, recession, war... there seem to be many reasons to be negative about business outlooks in the coming year. But what are you going to do about it? Is it even helpful to think about this stuff too much?


Jesse relates a recent...

Dec 9, 2022

Mark and Jesse discuss the idea of "moats" in business, that is, the things which both give your business a competitive edge and also make it difficult to replicate. Too many budding entrepreneurs become enamored with building apps and software tools for their business, thinking that the app is the thing that makes...

Nov 25, 2022

Mark and Jesse answer a listener's questions about whether Jesse knew that he was onto an idea that would positively impact so many people when he started YNAB. They also discuss what new projects -- in business and in life -- they have on the horizon for the coming years.


Mark Butler, Virtual CFO

Nov 11, 2022

Mark and Jesse ponder the question: what makes (and keeps) employees happy? While Jesse doesn't like the term "happy," there are definitely some strategies to keeping employee morale high and making jobs more fulfilling. Jesse references Dan Pink's book "Drive" and his concept of AMP -- autonomy, mastery, and...

Oct 28, 2022

Mark and Jesse discuss the idea that all businesses really transact in information. Whether the business sells goods or services, no matter the field or industry, ultimately there is information behind all products -- how to make the product, how to market and sell it, how to support it, etc. With that revelation, the...