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Beginning Balance

May 27, 2022

Mark and Jesse answer a question submitted by a listener wanting to know if he could run his coffee shop books in YNAB? Jesse has recommended in the past that businesses with inventory run YNAB in parallel with their normal bookkeeping software, but he and Mark agree that a coffee shop, although it has inventory, is a...

May 20, 2022

Mark shares his practice of taking quiet days, quiet weeks, and (eventually) quiet months to find clarity and focus on bigger questions and problems. Jesse explains why YNAB recently decided to implement a four day workweek, and how scarcity of time can actually drive productivity.


Mark Butler, Virtual CFO

May 13, 2022

Mark recounts a recent conversation with a client in which she wanted to create a profit sharing arrangement with an employee who had previously only worked for a standard hourly rate. The idea was that the profit sharing would incentivize this employee to do a good job, since the better the product sold the more money...