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Beginning Balance

Sep 3, 2021

Mark and Jesse take a break from talking about cash to focus on the "softer" aspects of running a business and, more specifically, a team. But, as these things tend to do, it turns out core values are everything about running a business, and they directly impact how your day to day business operations proceed.


While very important, core values can be hard to determine, because they are emergent, not aspirational. You simply have them, or you don't. You don't aspire to have integrity, you discover that you already do things which reflect your integrity -- like, you do what you say, you overdeliver and underpromise, etc. The same is true of employees. The people you hire have the core values, or they don't.


Jesse shares some exercises for discovering and refining your core values, as a business owner and as a team leader.


Mark Butler CFO


You Need a Budget