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Beginning Balance

Jul 22, 2022

Data from annual PWC-led surveys, as well as YNAB's own surveys, make it clear that employees carry their financial stress into the workplace with them. In some cases, it simply results in less-happy employees; in other cases, more requests for paycheck advances and payday loans. Either way, it's a drag on workplace morale and relationships between employees, their employer, and their family at home (family relationship stress is often tied to money stress).


YNAB has developed a solution to workplace financial stress, called Financial Wellness. Financial Wellness allows businesses to provide YNAB to their employees as part of the benefit's package, with all the usual support, workshops, and other budgeting training that YNAB offers to direct customers.


Jesse discusses the Wellness service, the feedback received during the pilot program and beta testing, and how YNAB is positioning itself in B2B sales.


Financial Wellness by YNAB:



Mark Butler, Virtual CFO


You Need a Budget