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Beginning Balance

Jun 17, 2022

Mark and Jesse discuss the "curse of the superstar employee," that one person in your business that you can't imagine living without. The employee that does every task better than everyone else (probably faster too), with enthusiasm. While these are great people to have on your team, they can become bottlenecks for growth -- especially when they take on too many tasks, and too much minutiae in the business. Of course, there's a major operational risk to allowing superstar employees to "own" too much of the business' process. If that person leaves, or is out on vacation, there may not be anyone who can fill in the gap.


Mark and Jesse identify signs that you may be working under the curse of the superstar employee, how you can hire a stronger team with better processes, and develop your superstars into higher-level thinkers and managers.


Mark Butler, Virtual CFO


You Need a Budget