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Beginning Balance

Sep 30, 2022

Mark and Jesse discuss a new term that is making the rounds on social media, and recently got the Wall Street Journal treatment as well. "Quiet quitting" is the so-called trend of dissatisfied and disillusioned workers exerting bare minimum effort and working as little as possible to keep their jobs, without actually quitting. The employer side to this has been dubbed "quiet firing," that is, keeping an employee but giving him less work, fewer hours, and generally making the work experience worse in hopes that he will quit of his own volition.


Mark and Jesse discuss whether this is a "thing" or just a spin on the victim mentality, which is unforunately all too common among employees and employers alike. Jesse references Jocko's Extreme Ownership, and why it's equally important for team members to "lead upward" as it is for managers to "lead downward."


Wall Street Journal article:


Mark Butler, Virtual CFO


You Need a Budget