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Beginning Balance

Jul 29, 2022

Thinking about taking the plunge and running your business on YNAB? Mark and Jesse covered the many benefits of doing so on the podcast in first episodes of Beginning Balance. Today, Mark goes deep into his onboarding process for new clients in his bookkeeping business, which uses YNAB for every client's financials.


As Mark details, if you get the onboarding process right, once you get to "maintenance" mode with your financials it's so smooth and fast to generate financials and know exactly where your money is at. The key to onboarding is in the details, getting your bank transaction import working smoothly (this may require changing banks!), setting good payee rules, creating expense categories for tracking different revenue streams (yes expense categories!), and choosing appropriate categories to feed into your P&L.


Mark Butler, Virtual CFO


You Need a Budget